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Take a look at some examples of previous work for clients. Productions vary from promotional videos for organisations, to short films. However, in all my work I try to convey what I believe is the most important aspect - story. Whether it's the story of an individual's journey, the story of a business or the story of a guest on a podcast: I believe these stories are crucial to you, and try to convey them in a compelling way throughout my productions. Enjoy.  

All in For Art

Feros Care

This short film was produced for Feros Care, in collaboration with the Town of Gawler, to tell the story of five local artists, from varying walks of life, who all live with a disability. It premiered at the All in For Art Event in May 2021. 

Rudall & Rudall

Promotional Video

This promotional video was produced for Rudall & Rudall Lawyers, based in Gawler, South Australia. It tells the story of one of the oldest legal firm in South Australia, dating back to 1854, and how the business has evolved to become one of the most trusted lawyer firms in the region. 

St Brigid's School

Promotional Video

This short promotional video, produced for St Brigid's School in Kilburn, South Australia, highlights not only the facilities of the primary school, but the ethos and culture the school provides to their community. 

Complete Taekwon-Do

Promotional Video

This upbeat promotional video was produced for Complete Taekwon-Do, in Athelstone, South Australia. It features Master Daniel Hickey, who tells the story of why martial arts is important for not only developing the physical aspect of a person, but the moral components also. 

Screen Shot 2022-07-13 at 2.27.31 pm.png

Safety on Tap

Podcast editing

Safety on Tap, edited by E Mooveez, is a podcast presented by Andrew Barrett, a health & safety professional here to inspire others in the industry to think differently, and challenge the status quo in the industry, in order to try something new and drastically improve health and safety along the way.


Be the Drop

Podcast editing

E Mooveez has edited the weekly podcast, 

Be the Drop, with Amelia Veale. Amelia interviews guests from a variety of industries, showcasing stories that inspire and motivate others to 'be the drop' in their change making industry. 

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